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ZERO “For us that one word represents many things that we collectively feel about this record, while leaving the listener with a bit of mystery and space to draw their own conclusions,” says Cadence Grace, about the title of their new release. Could it represent new beginnings? No fears or regrets? Perhaps, it’s just their way of saying they went into the project with zero thoughts on what is “too country” or “too pop” and made the record that represented exactly who they are – which is the perfect blend of both.

On Their Sophomore album Zero, they give nod to their gypsy souls, while leading the listener down new musical roads. Zero is Packed with self-penned songs like ‘Her,’ a heart wrenching ballad about your loved one leaving you for another, as well as songs they fell in love with like ‘Hard to Get’, written by Nashville recording artist RaeLynn and GRAMMY-Award winner Emily Weisband.

Co-Produced by Adam Newcomb and CCMA Award winner Jason Barry, Zero brings a whole new side of Runaway Angel to the fore-front. A perfect mixture of powerhouse vocals, poignant harmonies and infectious melodies, Zero delivers a fresh perspective of human emotion with an empowering feel that is sure to leave the listener wanting more.

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Devil’s Doorbell
Run To You
Hard To Get
Worst Song In The World