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Cadence Grace’s debut country record ‘Unbreakable,’ was recorded in Nashville at Oceanway Studios and Mixed at Blackbird Studios by Producer Doug Romanow.

The record features songs co-written by Cadence and award-winning songwriters like Bruce Wallace and Willie Mack, as well as songs written by some of country music’s hit-makers like Tebey and Kelly Archer.

Her unique songwriting and crossover vocals are full of infectious energy and emotion that shine through the slick production. Featuring her catchy debut single ‘Living In Our Love’ and a reimagined version of her pop track ‘Bad Guys,’ the album is a surprising but sweet mix of Cadence’s mixed pop, rock and country influences.

On ‘Unbreakable’ you’ll fast find that Cadence’s sweet vocals and way with words makes her capable of telling beautifully crafted stories through song that capture the listener.

Unbreakable is a collection of these stories, of which Cadence says are based on her own life and experiences.t

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Released 2012


Living In Our Love
Next Time
Get You Back
Until I’ve Given Up
Driving Without Brakes
All The Way
Bad Guys
Something Different