No End In Sight- Physical Album


No End In Sight is the debut release from country trio Runaway Angel.

Produced by Adam Newcomb and CCMA Award winner Jason Barry, the album features 10 tracks, 9 of which were written or co-written by the members of Runaway Angel – Cadence Grace, Ann Chaplin and Stacey Zegers. Highlighted co-writers on this project include Phil Barton, Bruce Wallace, Danick Dupelle, Dave Thomson and Patricia Conroy.

No End In Sight is an energetic declaration of the free spirited sound this group is bringing to the country world. Featuring their debut release ‘Our Story’ as well as radio singles ‘Run Angel Run’, ‘My Someday’, ‘June,’ and ‘Easy’- the album is a mix of contemporary and classic country with twinge of pop. Delivering a harmony laden, hook filled experience for the listener, No End In Sight is just the beginning for this exciting new trio.

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Released 2016

Run Angel Run
If You Only Knew
My Someday
Do What I Want
Around The Bend
Heart To Break
Our Story