FYI Music News- Cadence Grace Wins Two Awards In One Weekend

Cadence Grace, a solo artist and singer with country trio Runaway Angel based out of Toronto, was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) on February 12, 2018, and received a bone marrow transplant 64 days ago. The good news is that she’s in recovery. You can read about her courageous journey here.

Even though it hasn’t been an easy journey, Grace has been relentless in her advocacy of encouraging people to join the transplant registry and for stem cell treatment. She’s also decided to be selfless with a generous musical gesture: before she received her transplant, she recorded a new single called I’m Not, available on iTunes, with all proceeds earmarked for the Cadence Grace Support Fund, newly launched to provide financial support for those going through transplants.

Photo By Barry Roden