Cadence Returns with "What If I Didn't Love You" Featuring Drew Taylor

Cadence Grace and Drew Taylor shine brightly within the realm of country music, each showcasing their distinctive voices and undeniable talents on stage. Rooted in a deep passion for storytelling, their melodies resonate deeply with audiences, earning them substantial followings as solo artists. Now, they unite their strengths in a captivating duet titled “What If I Didn’t Love You.”

Their journey began nearly a decade ago at a country music conference, where Drew and Grace forged a friendship grounded in their mutual love for the genre and a shared ambition to craft soul-stirring songs. Over the years, they’ve become trusted collaborators, regularly joining forces to pen heartfelt tunes. When they, along with fellow writer Chris Buck, wrote “What If I Didn’t Love You” in 2022, the magic was palpable. Instead of offering the song to other artists, they made the bold decision to elevate their collaborative partnership by releasing it themselves.

Written from the depths of their hearts, the song explores the bittersweet complexity of love and longing, with Cadence and Drew’s voices intertwining in perfect harmony. From the tender vulnerability of the lyrics to the haunting melody that lingers long after the final note fades away, “What If I Didn’t Love You” is a testament to Cadence and Drew’s undeniable musical chemistry.

‘What if I Didn’t Love You’ Drops April 18th, chosen to mark and celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Grace’s Bone Marrow Transplant and Leukemia Battle.