Don’t Debuts at 26 On iTunes Country Charts

On her triumphant return to music, Comeback Kid Cadence Grace hits a home run with her single ‘Don’t’, landing her at 26 on the iTunes Country charts on release day.

‘Don’t’ was penned by Grace and her parents Bruce and Cheryl Wallace, who gently encouraged Grace to take back the reigns and return to her true love: music. 

“My parents and I wrote this song ‘Don’t’ and I produced the demo myself,” Grace states. “Then I took it to my producer Adam Newcomb and we finished producing it together.  It’s the first song where I feel like my vision was realized, because I could finally put all the parts together and say, ‘this is what I want the bass to do. This is how I want the drums to sound.’ It was a really cool experience and really empowering.”

“Don’t” is a song about “exes” and a statement about emotional residue. Grace says she had a particular former boyfriend in mind when she wrote the lyrics, but feels that the song is universally relatable to everyone that’s experienced a romantic break-up.

“We’ve all got exes, so I think it’s a feeling we’ve all  had in some way,” she explains. “You’re trying to move on, but maybe there’s still some feelings that you’re trying so hard to get past or have just gotten over – and  every time the phone rings, it kind of pulls you back to that place.

“I  wanted to create an anthem for myself and for all women really, to take back that power after the relationship is over and just shut that door for good.”